by Jayko

No one really knows it

There's too much things would never be realized

Even I can't tell why it shouted all the time

I can only sing our laluby

No one really wants to know the monster

Cauz the truth is we only mind our own

It's too easy to walk away

No matter what happens ,just don't look back

Always, it always shouted aloud

It never stops since the day music stops

Hey talk to me, talk to me, monster

Tell me what you really want inside

Don't you never give up?

This world is not turning around you

How can you just don't get it?

Talk to me , talk to me, monster

Is there more of you trying to get out?

I can barely hear you from this noises

Just shut the fuck up

There is no one listening to you

To me

Hey monster

Hey monster

Hey monster

Hey monster


I can't stand it anymore



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