[Maybe someday]
By Jayko

不是沒有說過 不是沒有想過
I've thought about it
And I've told about it 

但更多時候 只能裝作不會不安
But we just pretend it'll be fine
We are not worried 

訓練自己樂觀 告訴自己要勇敢
Trying to be optimstic
Trying to be braver 

只要擁有彼此 就不困難
It's not hard when keeping you company 

你說出口的時候 我只能沉默
When you say it, I'm speachless

你說的做的什麼 不只有你要承擔
You're not the only one to be charged with 
When you make the only call 

有被選擇的一方 就有被放棄的一邊
You choose one side means someone has been given up


也許你會認為現在的我 是傻瓜吧
Maybe you'll think me as a fool now 

也許用這種方法 你覺得比較簡單吧
Maybe you think it's easier to do so 

我只能接受 我們也只能接受
I can only take it, we can only take it

這世界 不是所有人都喜歡
This world is not right for everybody 


也許有一天你會後悔 這一刻的選擇
Maybe you'll be regret this choice you have made

也許有一天你會忘記 這一刻的我們
Maybe you'll forget about this moment of us 

我也會祝福 我們也會祝福你
I still hope, we will still hope

在某一片天空下 也是晴天吧
You have the same bright sky somewhere not far 

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